Dear Reader

Latterly, you may have noticed a great scarcity of reports from this absent blogger. The Pierneef project is still simmering, I’ve just got the flame turned down for a bit. In early November, I ventured once more to the Drakensberg, making a day trip into Lesotho on the way. Those Maloti mountains are lovely, but the Pierneef site remains elusive. I came back with about 500 photographs and have no inclination to work my through them, let alone actually write about the adventure. Instead, I find myself drawn to the smell of freshly – cut linoleum and printing ink. Ah, the pleasures of the linocut! So old – fashioned and challenging in its simplicity! Without further ado then, loyal subscribers, here is this year’s Christmas card.

Great good greetings to all of you, and have a fab 2016!

IMG_20151214_0001(0) (466x640)